ZDM7.0.1_HP4, WinXP-SP3, KB2286198 (MS10-046)

Some users recognized, that the Application Explorer doesn't show up any more.

When starting NALVIEW.EXE manually, I can see, that it flickers for 1/4 second or so
in the systray, than it dies quietly.

When backrev'ing to an imaging state before applying that MS patch, it's working

Just applying that patch[1] immediatly breaks the startup of NALVIEW.EXE.

This is fact for the majority of the PCs on this site, those affected are HP6005 PCs
with the same installation (ZEN-Image).

Anybody else facing this trouble?

Regards, Rudi.

[1] WindowsXP-KB2286198-x86-DEU.exe