Accessing our NetWare 6.5SP8 servers through Windows 7 with Client32 v2
(currently using IR3) was painfully slow, especially any folder
containing more than a few files and folders.

I spent hours going through numerous TIDs and posts on these forums. I
messed with SLP settings, different versions of Client32, etc., with
only minor improvements.

Then I noticed the word "Unspecified" on the very top of the left hand
display panel area of Explorer, and I paid closer attention to the slow
"counting up" while I waited for directory listing of 1200+ files to
update. I thought, WTF is that?

I found that this was part of the "Group by" feature in the Explorer
shell. I turned this sucker off, and browsing my NetWare servers in
Windows 7 seems as fast as it was in Windows XP.

I turned this "feature" off by:

1. Select a folder, as long as "Unspecified" appears at the top of the
Explorer left-hand display panel

2. In the Explorer "View > Group by" menu, select "(none)"
(if you don't see the Explorer menu bar, which is disabled by default,
go to "Organize > Layout", and check the "Menu bar" option)

3. Finally, go to the Explorer "Tools > Folder Options" menu, and
select "View" tab, then click the "Apply to Folders" button to force the
disabling of this feature to all folders.

After this, the tell-tale "Unspecified" should be gone, regardless of
which folder you browse, and network browsing should be much faster.

Hope this helps some of you as much as it helped me.

-Greg Niese