I've tried to add an appointment (sendItemRequest) to GW8 through SOAP where the logged in user (appointment organizer, 'from') is not actually a recipient. This works fine and the logged in user even gets notifications when recipients accept or deny the appointment.

Yet, when I try to find the appointment (getItemsRequest using custom property) with the same logged in user through SOAP, I don't get any results. I have no problem finding appointments where the logged in user is both organiser and in the recipients list, so it's not my code I think, but when he / she is only organizer, I can't find the appointment.

So I guess the getItemsRequest assumes the logged in user does not have the rights to find the appointment as it isn't in its calendar. I'm kind of guessing this is by design (in GroupWise 8 client, if I send an appointment where I'm not in the 'TO' list, I can't access it either I think?), but I do wonder what the idea here is.

Specifically, does an organizer that is not in the recipient list have any other rights about the appointment then? Can he modify / retract the appointment? As normal recipients can't, right? Are there other ways to find the appointment?