Server: Proliant 800, 4Gb RAM, 100Mhz NIC to public (Internet router),
1GB NIC to private network backbone.
Netware 5.1 sp7, BorderManager 3.6 sp1A
Clients: various xp, 9x, IE 6.x

We have had fine performance for the past year or longer, and have made
no configuration changes.

About a week ago we began experiencing slow loading web pages, 10-15
seconds vs. what used to be 2 or 3, and a couple of web pages that take
6 or 7 minuts to load, if they load at all.

Processor utilization is low - normally sitting at 2 or 3 percent, and
the sluggishness does not correscpond to any jumps in use (utilization
stays under ten percent).

Number of hot cache nodes moves up and down from 1000 or so to 3500, but
the current level does not affect the issue.

Recieve buffers are in the 20-25 range of 2500 this morning, but problem
still persists.

Also, rebooting the server and clearing cache does not seem to have an
effect. The website that takes six or seven minutes to load still takes
that long after a reboot and clearing the cache.

Finally, to test I tried unloading filters (unload ipflt) to ensure it
is not a filtering issue. With filters unloaded:
- If client is configured to use the proxy, issue persists (6 minutes to
load page if it loads at all)
- If client is configured to NOT use proxy the web page loads in less
than 10 seconds

Any hinds, ideas, or thoughts on what caused the onset, or what to look
at in resolving this would be great.