I'm facing a very weird problem on the GroupWise server that I'm using to test my archiving app. I'm talking to the SOAP interface via java client, and whenever I run any kind of test that does several SOAP call, the test will invariably hang on some call (not a fixed one) and refuse to budge.

Now here's the weird part: if I then log into the Groupwise a groupwise client that's talking to the same groupwise server, by test becomes unstuck and starts to move forward again. It will then stall again, until I click on an email in the GW client interface (ie initiate more communication with the server), at which point it'll move again. I have to open several emails in order my test to complete.
This is very strange: in order for the SOAP service to function, I seem to have to egg on the Groupwise server by making requests through the client.

Anyone have any ideas? My Groupwise is version 8.0.0, which I'm running on SuSe 11 on a VM on ESXi 4. The client was compiled using the standard GroupWise WSDL.