A year and a half ago we did a physical-to-virtual migration of one of our
Netware servers. The "new" Netware 6.5 sp7 server runs as a VM on VMWare ESX
3.5. A separate datastore was created within our SAN to hold the VM and its
accompanying data, said store being named "Datastore5"

Technical stats are as follows:
Size of Datastore5: 1948.64 G
Size of Hard Disk 1 used by my VM: 1397.19 G
Netware pools: SYS - 10G
DATA - 1.34Tb
Netware Volumes: SYS - uses SYS pool, "Allow volume quota to grow to
the pool size" is checked
CAD - uses DATA pool, "Allow volume quota
to grow to the pool size" is checked

I'm down to 8G of free disk space within the CAD volume and need to increase

1) If I increase the size of Hard Disk 1 in my VM, taking it from 1397.19G
to, say 1600G, will Netware automatically see that the available disk space
has increased, at which point I could expand the pool into the new space? Or
would I have to go through some sort of partition expansion exercise?

2)Would it be simpler, and perhaps safer, to simply add a new Hard Disk to
the VM, say one of size 200G, and then expand the pool onto this new hard

I look forward to your comments and suggestions.