We are working on adding our computers to our domain, but have a few hiccups in doing so. Since our computers have an account based on edirectory credentials (using DLU) if we add the computer to the domain and remove the DLU policy then windows will create a new profile.domain.com and ZCM thinks this is the same user and our per user applications will not reinstall. This same process happens if we delete the local profile, DLU will create a new profile however ZCM does not reinstall the per users applications.

Does anyone have thoughts on how to get around this? In zfd 6.5, the applications installs were part of the registry at which you could remove it and it will "reinstall" the application, but with ZCM its not the case.

As a work around, I guess we could script our all the bundles that are per user to launch using zac bv or zac bln but that seems as it may not be the best method and might cause more issues.