One of my users just discovered that he can open a PDF file, and while the file is still open in Acrobat he can use Windows Explorer to right-click -> rename the file. Shouldn't it be giving him a file lock error?

After some testing, it appears to happen only on my Windows7 machines. XP machines will notify me of a file-lock if I try to rename a file that I already have open.

I have tested this using a few different file types, and it only happens on Netware shares. When I placed the same files on a Windows based server share, I was notified that the files were already in use if I attempted to rename them while open.

Has anyone come across this? I've tried some searching but I don't even know what to call the symptom.

Thanks to all for any assistance

Client Specs: Win7x64, Novell Client 2 SP1, Novell Client 2 SP1 IR3
Server Specs: NW6.5 Sp8