Any one know much about these? I've a remote customer site with a couple of
Super Stack 3 switches (3250 & 3226). Nothing too fancy going on, just a
couple of VLANs on different subnets. The main switch has IP addresses from
both subnets: ( & A couple of the machines on one
VLAN need to access a machine on the other VLAN so have network route table
entries to access via the main switch.
Last week the switch lost its IP addresses. I remotely connected up to
machines on both VLANs and was unable to connect to the web interface, ping
or route via either of the switches IP addresses. However, all else appeared
to be working OK. Yesterday evening I was able to get the switch powered off
and on, and it all seemed to be working fine. This morning it had lost its
IP addresses again. Another power off/on got it back again for about an
hour. Now it again appears to have lost its IP addresses. About the time the
problem first occurred, someone was swapping out some IP security equipment
but had difficulty in getting the new kit to work so eventually just removed
it (they say). This may or may not be relevant.
So, do any of you have any experience to point me in the right direction to
resolve this remotely?