i have two VLAN:
1st named Server-LAN with all Servers :-)
2nd named Client-LAN with the Clients
Both VLAN have separate IP Ranges

In Server-LAN exist die DHCP-Server which managed the IP-Addr
of both Ranges.

The main VLAN-Switch does not forward Multicast, but acts as

The DHCP-Service offers in both LANs Option 78 & 79 (SLP)

A Client (WinXPSP3 w. NW-Client 4.91SP5) in the Server-LAN
gets all info from DHCP, configures ifself and runs without
probs. I can see in the LAN-Trace that the client use unicast
to communicate with the SLP-Server. An 'slpinfo /all' shows
all Services and the right SLP-DA and scope.

The same(!) Client in the Client-LAN gets the same
information from DHCP (seen by LAN-Trace) but tries to
connect to the SLP-Server via Multicast. Because multicast
ist not routed by the (Level 3 VLAN-) switch, the Client gets
no response. An 'slpinfo /all' shows no Services and no SLP-
DA and scope.

If i configure the Client with static entrys in DA and Scope
then unicast is used. And of course 'slpinfo /all' shows all
Services and the right SLP-DA and scope.


What's my problem?

Because the DHCP-Server offers the same options in both LANs
(i can see this in the trace). Why doesn't connect the Client
in the Client-LAN via unicast?

confused ...