Our enviroment is a NW6 sp 4 with BM3.7 sp3 and Surf Patrol v6

I do run the proxy.cfg by Craig and the tuneup.ncf

Volume Cache is a traditional netware volume with No Compression and no
no Sub-allocation. Purge Immediate is set to on and a block size of 8k.
The total size of the volume is 4 GB and we have a Gig of memory in the

We put Surf Patrol v6 on back last August. However only 2 of 8 containers
are being filtered.

A few weeks ago we added to the containers being filtered 6 of 8.

We have started seeing a few problems that started in Sept-Oct where when
you browse the internet you might hit a site where you could get an error
page with one of two errors on it.

The first and most common is Object Cache File creation error. The second
is Bad Gateway. In both cases if you keep hitting the reload you will
eventually go to the site.