We did the SP2 update this week (on NW 6.5.8 servers) and everything seemed to go fine except that we had our client side locked to 8.0.1 / 2010-01-01 or newer.

The client itself will load fine, but Notify will not load. We tried to run Notify stand-alone and that's when we received the error:
"The version of GroupWise you are using is older than the minimum version
allowed by the system administrator".

I removed the minimum requirements and Notify will load. After loading Notify, selecting "About" reveals the problem:

Win7-64 displays "Program Release 8.0.2" with NO date
WinXP-32 displays "Program Release 8.0.2 06/16/30030"
Win2003-32 Terminal Server/Citrix displays "Program Release 8.0.2 07/28/28978"

Notice the years listed for Notify on WinXP and Win2003.

To fix this issue, we had to only require that the client be 8.0.1 and we turned off the date requirement.

Has anyone else seen this?