Hi all,

Sorry to come back to this issue but I am not able to understand some
things. Please, could you help me?

1. As far as I've found, the usual way of submitting privileged level
commands is by using sudo. But this requires to know the root password.
So, if an user knows this password, he/she can login as root, can't he/she?

2. It is possible to create root-equivalent accounts. Please, in a
OES2sp2a/SLES20sp3 environment, how could I do that?

It is more a matter of order than a matter of security. We have a couple
of systems on which several persons must have root access for a while. I
do prefer they use their own accounts instead of using the root one. And
if we give them the root password, we can't be sure they use their
personal account to log into the system.

Please, am I lost at any point? Thank you so much for your help!



Ricardo Rodrguez
Life Sciences, Data Modeling and Information Management Systems