I have for the past 3 weeks trying to access the internet from NLD Firefox
through BorderManager, without success. For some reason Firefox is not
able to display the BorderManager authentication page. I get the following
https://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/BM-Login/?%2....com/linux/%22 and
get: Not Found The requested URL /BM-Login/ was not found.

I have tried the Settings in the Browser and also through the System,
Personal Settings, Network Proxies. I have also tried adding my network
login under the details button. With NO success.

It is great that we now have a secure option in NLD, but it appears so
secure that we cannot get to the internet. I guess this is almost as good
as the "best firewall" a pair of wire cutters.

I am very aware that all of you are volunteers as sysops. I really look
forward to Novell providing us with a solution so that we can actually
start using NLD