Our users have a maximum of one connection to our NetWare tree. One particular user has moved sites (in the same tree), but can't login, due to already being "logged in". This isn't the case. I checked the user object's Network Address value (in ConsoleOne and dsbrowse), and it is an old IP on a computer at a different site, than he's trying to login from. The old IP is not pingable (most likely turned off). I checked that particular Netware server that runs dhcp for that range, but there isn't a connection for that user (checked Remote Manager & Monitor), otherwise I would simply clear the connection.
I have restarted the server, but the Network Address still exists.
Is the solution to run dsrepair -n0 to free up this users connection? Is there a way I can determine the best 'number of days', when running this command?

NetWare 6.5 SP8