I have appointments that are being sent out to internal and external recipients. The status for the external recipients is still showing pending, after 24 hours. Funny thing is, I show the messages going out in the GWIA log, I see the sender and recipient messages, and the "building message." I guess my first question is:

At what point does the message status change from pending to transferred?

Is it once it leaves the gwia, or after the other end, be it proxy or recipient receives it, or is it even before that?

Since I know it went to the gwia, i looked in the mail processing directories and did not see anything stuck in there, even an admin message. The user also confirmed with her recipient that the appointment did not get through. She has, however, been able to send other messages to those users that get through. Resending the appointment did not help, that one is pending, as well.

If this is in the wrong place, please move if necessary.