I'm looking at buying a couple of new servers for the sole purpose of
being virtual machine host. All virtual machines will be hosted on a
backend storage array so the only software on the servers will be ESXi.

So this is what I requested:
Single processor with 6 cores
32 GB of ram
Two sata drives (mirrored)

Keep in mind I'm ordering two servers for redundancy (not really load
balancing because we are barely taxing the virtual host now.

I keep getting told by my CDW guy and the VMware guy that 2 processors
is the recommended and supported platform in case one processor fails.
Maybe things have changed, but it's been my experience that if a
processor fails in a dual processor server the server still crashes.

So my question is am I correct? If I have a server with dual processors
in it and one processor fails will the server crash or will it just
revert back into a single processor system and keep right on running?

(I'm looking at HP DL300 series of servers if that helps)