OK, we've have issues with ALL pc's (more or less) rolled out always
registring as one of our SAT-servers which is VERY annoying..

Layout as follows;
Workstations ARE named

Sat Servers are named;

We have one Sat server which also do the image-writing from
windows-images to clean/empty new drives,
Then these drives are moved to new/empty PC's.

What happens is that even though the New PC is called
Officex-Cityx-001, it will register in Zenworks as Sat-Cityxx AND,
which is worse, it starts dl'n bundles and stuff AND activates
pre-boot services,etc,,etc..

So,, all focus on this issue have been WHY since the sys-prep we've
done/used did NOT ever have any nwclient OR any zen-agent on it.

But; here might be an explaination;
TID 7002700

"Workstations are taking ownership of the same or duplicate GUID
during agent deployment. This happens when a USB or thumb drive is
used for deployment of the agent

In this case, A thumb drive was being used to install the agent on
multiple devices. Image safe data (ISD) was being saved to all local
drives including the thumb drive, this is how the ISD of the first
device ended up on the thumb drive. Then when the newly installed
device registers, the ISD is not found on the internal hard drive but
on the USB thumb drive and are using the GUID from the ISD. The issue
only happens if the ISD is empty, which is the case when ZISWIN shows
"No image-safe data on this machine". In this case zisd lib went to
the next drive and if it found ISD on the removable drive, the code
path was using it and duplicating the GUID"

OK, so we do NOT use thumbdrives or any other USB device, BUT
we do use one running Machine, with ZenAgent on it, to write the
images to brand new/empty harddrives.
According to the TID, here's were the issue probably starts.

Even though we create "new pc's" with newly imaged, sys-prep ready
HD's, somewhere on these drives, Zen has probably managed to put some
"image safe data" as described above and this off course makes ANY
machine rolled out, sysprepped or not, use this again and again...