Hi Folks,

I am running Groupwise 8 on SLES 11. This is a new build. I was able to create a post office with it's associated POA without an issue. However when I tried to create another one I ran into an error regarding accessing the client software. That problem is detailed in the thread "Non Root User creating new PO". In the end I continued past the error and refreshed the views, which seemed to work. I installed a POA for the PO, which seemed to go smoothly.

My problem: The new POA wouldn't start. I validated the DB which returned "Error: Database invalid". So I rebuilt the DB and the POA started . . . but the original POA did not. Running a validation on the original PO's DB returned the same "Database invalid error." So, I rebuilt the original PO's DB. Then it started . . . but the 2nd POA did not. I went through the cycle a few times. I added test users to both, and they are both able to send and receive mail (internal and Internet). Any ideas (please? *whimper*)?