For some reason (which looks like bug to me) sometimes BM doesn't show
user ID in audit log (and common log as well). All access rules are in
place and there is no rule to allow access without authentication for
this particular user. If I look at access control log then all records
have corresponding user ID, but in audit log some records don't. I
counted those records in both logs and the total is the same, so they
are the same records after all. I can see that the same user can have
records with or without his ID while accessing the same site within few

We have NW5.1 SP7 with tcp586a applied, BM3.7 SP3 FP4C on the server and
latest Novell Client with clntrust on users desktops. Proxy single
sign-on authentication is enabled and SSL authentication is disabled and
there is "Authenticate only when user attepts to access restricted page"

With best regards,
Victor Shkamerda