Dear readers,

I used CIFS for a few months & working OK with WinXP and Win7 (yes I lowered the LM setting); I could connect to all CIFS servers.

I recently installed a new NetWare 6.5SP8 server with eDir 8.8 SP5 (and NMAS 3.3.2) in my companies tree.
I configured CIFS identical to the other servers, but here's the strange part:
When I use my own account I can't connect to the eDir 8.8 SP5 server, with an new (test) account all's working fine; this test -account is in the same context as my own account.

I've upgraded a Netware SP7 server to SP8 and eDir 8.8SP5, I also upgraded an Netware SP7 to eDir 8.8SP5; when running eDir 8.8SP5 it goes wrong.
I'm suspecting NMAS 3.3.2 to create the problem; Servers running NMAS (NW65SP7 eDir 8.7SP3 or 8.8SP4) are well.

I've found in the DSMISC log an error while upgrading SAS:Service, however this would not explain the test account working fine.

Any Ideas?
Thanks in advance,