Last night my Netware server was displaying disk full messages on the data volume. I deleted some old files and attempted to run a purge - but it wasn't having it. I did a normal shutdown and restart and now it won't complete loading. It mounts SYS and then DATA, executes various other tasks and then - after a few minutes - I see NSS error messages referring to some bad blocks on the DATA volume and then it alternately either abends or deactivates the RAID and shuts down.

It may be that one of my RAID volumes is corrupt: the Adaptec firmware says that the array is Optimal but there is a light on the bottom drive.

I've tried SERVER -NA but the result is still similar. I've tried SERVER -NS and it gets to a screen where it just keeps telling me that a delayed operation has taken more than a minute - over and over again. I don't ever get to a console prompt where I can try a pool rebuild.

Any ideas?