Hi all!

I am in the unfortunate situation, where I must migrate data from Netware to Windows environment.

To make the impact to users as unnoticeable as possible, I was figuring that I would use CIFS so users could access their data while they would use a computer with of without Novell client. (Their workstations will be upgraded as well, from XP to Win7, latter lacking Novell client software)

Now it seems, that CIFS requires the volumes to be NSS and as the Netware environment has lots of traditional file system volumes, there's a problem.

What would be the best course of action?

Converting from TFS to NSS via VCU is a no, as servers do not have any spare free space.

Converting via Servermagic seems to be impossible, as the product is discontinued and generally unavailable.

Are there any other utilis, that can do an inplace upgrade from TFS to NSS? Where to get 'em?

Or, are there any other ways to access Netware files from a Windows workstation other than using Novell client or CIFS?

Thanks in advance for all the suggestion!