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Thread: Error 8201 connection to the restore area

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    Error 8201 connection to the restore area

    This is our setup:
    Groupwise 8 on linux server
    Main POA on server MAIL01 volume GWDATA
    Restore Area on server MAIL 01 volume GWREST

    In consoleone I have setup the path to the restore area.
    Also I have entered the linux path here.
    I have added the POA and the users to the restore area.

    POA has rights to the restore area.

    When the client wants to open the restore area it take about 20 seconds and then comes with the error. 8201 Access to file has been denied.

    And presents the file path menu. When I just click on OK I do get to the restore area.
    I then can see and read the deleted mails.
    But when I want to restore a mail I get error :D069 You have attempted to open an incompatible backup database.
    The User I i'm trieing with is the admin.

    When I check the POA log I get this error..
    Error: Access denied. Caller is not allowed access to a file [8201] User:admin (admin)

    Any help would be nice :-)
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