I have a SLES10 SP3 server running Zenworks 10.2.2 and recently ran the
update for 10.3.0a and once it finished I can't get novell-zenserver to
start. In the system-update.log I get the following.
DEBUG;;;Unable to start daemon /etc/init.d/casa_atsd start. 7
ERROR;ERROR_STARTING_SERVICE;/etc/init.d/casa_atsd start,7;
DEBUG;;;An error occured during command execution...details should have
already been logged

After going through the log from the top to the bottom, everything seems
to have installed correctly except for zen packages that were older than
than the versions I currently have installed. Has anyone had this issue
or can point me in the right direction? I think that since zenserver
won't start that the casad daemon won't start either. I can't find any
logs that give me more detail on the novell-zenserver service failing.