Hello, I suspect I've gone about this all wrong, and hope someone can help set me straight.

We've a ZfD7 environment of fewer than 300 workstations and one server. I wanted to "gradually" convert to ZCM10.3 -- the idea of just converting over time seemed like a better idea than migrating the old inventory and applications, and would allow some time to familiarize with the new functions and procedures.

I set up my ZCM10.3 server and began installing ZCM Adaptive Agents and Inventory Agents on new or repurposed Windows and Mac computers, as the opportunity presented itself. All well and good, and a learning experience.

Next, we took an existing ZfD7 Windows XP computer, removed the Zenworks 7 Agent, installed the ZCM Adaptive Agent, then uploaded an image to the ZCM server. Then I used ZCM10.3 maintenance mode imaging to restore that image to a computer that was existing in my ZfD7 inventory. But that computer is not discovered by ZCM10.3. What do I need to do beyond removing the old agent and installing the new?

Oh -- and I just noticed that the ZCM Installation guide says NOT to run a ZCM and ZfD server in the same network. Is this why? Or is there a way around that incompatibility?

Thanks much for all the great advice I get from these forums.