In using the Migration Utility in ZCM 10.3, just a few apps did not migrate for a customer's ZfD 7 apps. One has this error I have not seen posted in this forum before. The error occurred both migrating to an msi and then as individual actions. Most other apps migrated successfuly.

"Exception value cannot be null.
Parameter name: array in Migrate
Stack Trace: at SystemArray.FindAI[T][T[] array, Predicate '1 match
at Apps Plugin.FixSerializationIssue (Bundle tb)
at Apps Plugin.Migrate(MigrationInfoStrut myMigrationInfoStrut)
Aborting Migration task"

One of the only differences in this app was that it apparently had a dependency on a related app, which did appear to migrate correctly.

Have checked ldap atrribute mappings and other typical migration issues, but would like some interpretation of the "array in Migrate" please.