We are running NW 6.5,BM3.8. We want to setup remote control from outside
to a local PC running NetOp host. Public addr is 216.x.x.88, private PC
addr is Need TCP & UDP on port 6502; filters are already
set up. I've been told I need generic proxies but not much else. In
Nwadmin/server/BM setup/Generic TCP/Details/ what is the origin server
and which is the Proxy Ip address? How do I equate the 216. public address
with the internal 192. private addr? The only choices in Proxy IP are the
2 NICs in the server (public) and (private).
Are access rules involved here ? or Add secondary Ipaddress 216.x.x.x with
NAT ? I need step-by-step help here.

Richard R