Got a user that, every time they try to print their calendar (regardless of view), it will crash GW with a "could not read memory referenced at BLAH). But ONLY if they print the calendar with the checkbox for "tasks" checked. Even Print preview will crash.

IF you uncheck the box, it'll print fine.

I narrowed it down to a particular day (today).

However, if you look at the users Tasklist, there's only like 3 tasks for the entire month of August.

But, if you look at the calendar view, there's more than 12 tasks for "today" (I'm assuming it's based upon due date).

I couldn't find a known limit to how many tasks you can have on your calendar for printing to work.

If I print "tasks" but just not that day (ie, print the monthly calendar for tomorrow and the rest of the month), it'll work.

I'm assuming this is some sort of bug, but I cannot find anything that say, "thou shalt not print a calendar with more than X items on it"

It's definitely not the user's pc/gw client (happens on any pc she tries, and if I login I can print my calendar just fine).

In the meantime I'm going to try to duplicate by putting lots of tasks on a calendar.