I recently replaced our old 3.7 server with 3.8. It is running on
NetWare 6.5, and we are using all of Craig Johnson's recommended patches
as of 12/22/04, as well as his TUNEUP.NCF. We are experiencing a
problem with SSO. When a user starts the browser it fails to access the
start page. It will either give a message such as "The document
contains no data," or the BM SSL authentication page will appear. After
clearing these, the user will have to try again, sometimes 3 times or
more, to bring up a web page. Finally the SSO kicks in and the page
appears. I have the SSO timeout cranked all the way to 10 seconds.
What else can I try to get this working smoothly like it used to? Our
clntrust.exe is dated 12/19/2003. Thanks.

Jim Wagner
Arcadia Valley School District