Good Morning,

I had just finished getting a server updated from SLES 10.2 & OES2 sp1 to SLES 10.3 & OES2 sp2. So I updated my registration to make sure I was getting the correct channels, ran the updates again in which there were 91 available, which I did ...

I rebooted the server when the updates completed, and now I have no network connection.

Still being new to Linux, I am not sure what or where I should be looking to fix this.

The server is an HP Proliant DL360 G6. It has two NICs.

When I look in the YaST/Network Card, it only show one NIC (should be two) but the setting are still set correctly for the one that shows. (I was only using one)

Could someone help walking me through the trouble shooting process ?

How do I verify the Nic I can see in Ntework Card is the one I am using ?

Is there a log to see exactly what the 91 updates were to see if any were Nic related ?

How do I check drivers on Linux ? etc.

I can ping, but when I ping the Network IP Address, I get a Network Not Found reply.

When I check the boot log, it tells me the network failed.

Thank you,