Hello out there,

The company I am working with has a server running an 8.01hp1 post office on netware. The server is a DL380 G5 with 10,000rpm disks, 4GB of memory running nw65 sp8. I am not the groupwise admin but I know there are approximately 500 users. I know this is probably higher than recommended and some of the users mailboxes are a bit out of control. Client performance wise, the system was fine when running GroupWise 7.x and when we upgraded the backend and some of the clients (say 100) to 8.01hp1. Then a few weeks ago we upgraded a much larger portion of the clients, say another 200, to GroupWise 8. I'm no expert but it seems like the GroupWise 8 client is more resource taxing on the server and client end. After that point, the system is more sluggish when logging in, switching folders, etc.

So while we are working multiple angles to decrease the server load (clean-ups, purges, maintenance etc.) I am looking for any quick netware/groupwise performance tips for increasing the speed of the disk performance, which I believe is the bottleneck. I say this because the processor utilization does not get very high at all, and the network utilization as measured by the switch port does not seem saturated. On the netware console monitor screen, when performance is slugging the current disk requests can remain high (several hundred) without ever dipping down. If anyone has good recommendations if it's possible to increase the disk performance I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance.