Hi, i am looking to setup a temporary netware 6.5 server in vmware ver 7 which will sit on a NAS box running either Windows 2003 or Windows 2008.
This would be purely for allowing a number of sites we will be imaging the pc's using zenworks for desktops 6.5.

The reason why im doing this approach is so that we can move the NAS box onto the next site when we have finished and just change the ip address of the vmware netware server.

I have set this up on a virtual machine sitting on a server, but am not sure if this will work on a NAS server running windows 2003 or windows 2008.

anyone know if this will work???

Technical spec of NAS to use:

Manufacturer: Buffalo
Family: TeraStation NAS
Part No: TS-XE4.0TL/R5-EU
Model: Buffalo Terastation ES Network Attached Storage with 4.0TB (4 x 1000GB) Hard Drive and LAN/USB Interface