I have a location that runs software that connects to a remote
database, and they need to be connected all day with it. I set a few
pc's at this location to connect thru our bm38 server, and after
creating a filter exception for port 5100, the software connects fine.

Problem is, after a few minutes of inactivity (anywhere from 2 to 5),
the software does a hard shutdown when trying to do anything. I have
'allow persistent connections' checked in my bm setup, and everything
else seems to be working fine.

Going thru their old connection, this location does not have this issue
of the software dropping.

This remote site has win2k pc's, connected via T-1 to our location,
routing thru our firewall to a 3Mbps web connection. The software they
are running is Unicorn Workflows Workstation.

Any suggestions?