We are currently running NSM 2.0. The engine is version 2.00.37 running on a NetWare 6.5 sp7 server. The two event servers are version 2.00.15 running on NetWare 6.5 sp7 servers. We are needing to decommission the two servers that are our current event servers and replace them with SLES. No plans are in place to upgrade the server running the NSM engine. I see from the documentation that we will need to upgrade NSM to 2.5 in order to run the event servers on SLES. The documentation states "installing the NSM Event Monitor for Linux requires OES2-SP1 or SLES 10 SP2." The directions then go on to state how to install on a OES2 box. Do you have to install the event monitors on OES2? Will the event monitors run on SLES 11?

We already have 64 bit SLES 11 systems in the partition and would like to use these instead of installing more servers if possible. If we need to install OES2 servers, is it OK if they are virtual?