I have a set of HP dx2300 about three years old that have been working
fine with ZenWorks imaging. It's been about a year since the last
time I have imaged them. Since then we have added serveral updates to
take care of imaging problems with other systems.

Using Zen7SP1 IR4HP4 + June 2010 Image Driver Updates

Other systems that I have are fine so far, and I have swapped a
network connection with another system (dx2400) that does work, and
the problem continues.

These dx2300's have the Intel Pro/100 VE network connectivity built in
to the system board. I have also found an old Zenworks boot CD made 2
or three years ago, and that will work fine, other than I have too
many machines to walk around to to manually boot them.

Here is what happens. PXE boots, CTRL-ALT gets to the menu. Select
maint mode.

Screen displays:

Executing DNX:LOADLIN.DNX with parameters "cmds\z_maint.cmd"
LOADLIN.DNX v5.6 (Build 130)
Downloading config file "cmds\z_maint.cmd"

and never progresses from there. Just a blinking cursor. Other
machines will continue, and the old boot cd will work. I'm guessing
the problem is in the image driver updates. Has anyone else run into
this recently, and did you find a fix.