We bought NOWS SBE to try out about 2 years ago, and our staff who was supposed to handle the installation was over worked and never get around to test an installation.
Recently we decided to move forward with NOWS. Our plan is to get a feel of your system, and would certainly buy an upgrade when we are convinced that the system suits our needs. The installation process went very smooth until the step that required us to input a License Key.
Online documents said that the License Key is either on the package or in the activation email. Since we did not activate the product, there was no previous email. We checked the DVD media packaging, and there was no License Key sticker of any sort.
We tried to activate the NOWS product online. The result page said that the product was activated successfully, but no email was received with the License Key. Perhaps that is because the support contract expired.
We spoke with a person at sales who directed us to another person, who promptly returned our call but yet gave us another two names to talk to.
One of these person said that there is no License Key for Novell product, but he said he is not trained with installation and hence really can't help us finding the License Key.
The other person said that he is also in sales, and told us that we should still be entitled to use NOWS even after the expiration of our support contract. Therefore, a License Key for the product does not expire with the support contract. However, he does not know where is the License Key sitting, but promise to ask around and give us a reply.
Yet another person we spoke with told us that no License Key is needed for the NOWS product.
Still another person told us that the License Key is the 14 digit alpha numeric code next to the product line in the customer center, which turns out to be just the activation code.
And the last person we got hold of told us that all we need to do is to download Groupwise and start using it.
Getting back to the third person mentioned above when we called him the second time, he was getting impatient and informed us to just get an Eval copy and use that License Key, which we do not understand why we need to use a copy that is only good for 60 days when we paid for a proper copy of NOWS.
So, by now we are pretty turned off by the whole situation when the point in question is simply trying to figure out why the nicely done Customer Center portal has every codes and reference numbers for the product(s) we purchased but the License Key.
This is not a tech support question and not even related to tech support. But we are at the end of the rope as Novell sales won't touch it because it is not a new sales, and post sales won't touch it because they don't know where can one get hold of the record of the License Key issued to us due to the fact that they did not even know one exist. Tech support won't touch it because it is not a technical issue.
Now if you were me, what would be your feeling towards how organized the current Novell is?
It is sad because ever since I was in college studying engineering, Novell always gave me an image of a first rate software company that is in the same class of other great companies like IBM or HP.
Our case is still unresolved after hours of trying to track down the right person to talk to. If the final outcome is to inform us that we only have the window of an active support contract to secure a License Key on a product we paid for, and we are out of luck after that because it is not on the package, not on the Customer Center portal, no body knows of its existence nor what is it; that will really be very very sad indeed.
We apologise to spill this here, because sadly enough, we couldn't even find the right department to file our complaint/feedback/comment with.