As the documentation states that just one connector of every type can be added to a DataSync server that would mean a seperate DataSync server is needed for every postoffice that's in an environment, correct?

Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack
6.1.4 Multiple Instances of the Same Connector
Synchronizer Web Admin allows you to manually create multiple instances of the same connector. This configuration is not currently supported.

If you have more users than a single connector can service, you can install one or more additional instances of the Mobility Pack until all users are being successfully serviced.

That could be problematic for customers, when quite some po's are involved and the need of an equivalent of external ip addresses that need to serve on port 80/443 for every sync server. My guess is lot of devices would not like it if a service is run on 444/445/..

I've added in a test environment a secondary ip address and configured a second GW connector to use that IP at poort 4500. Log's show for that connector no problems but will this be a supported scenario?
I've several customers that have like 3 po's with just 30 users in each of them which could easily be serves with one Sync server instead of three..

Thanks for any suggestions or comments