Hi – Just looking for some comment or advice.

Currently have GW messenger 2.0.2 running on a very old Dell server. Out of warranty – and starting to make some ill fated noises, so the plan is to decommission the server and setup messenger up on a new dedicated messenger server.

Right now the new server is already installed in the edirectory. And running well.

Do I just unload the messenger NLM’s from the old server and start the install of Messenger 2.1 on the new server installing into the tree? Currently the tree has an object ‘MessengerService’, would I be correct to assume this will simply get updated – or should I remove it before running the new install.

I just want the install to run well.

Second Point – we have over 100 users all using messenger each day. They have client 2.0.x Will this client work ok with a 2.1 server, then we can upgrade each client over a period of time?

Any comment please.

Thanks, Jon