I'm working on an SLES9sp3/OESsp2 server that was originally installed with one disk array, so EVMS was used to create the system and NSS partition on the same disk. The partitioning is listed below (I can't figure out how to add white space in this post so I've used | as a place holder).

VOL1 is full so I want to expand it's size using a second disk array (c0d1) I've added to the server. Can I use iManager or NSSMU to do this or is there EVMS configuration I need to do before hand? I've found alot of information on using evms to manage the system volume, but can't find anything on what to do when I want to add space that is outside the EVMS container. Thanks for the help.


DEVICE ||||||||||||||||||||||||||| SIZE ||| TYPE ||||||||| MOUNT
/dev/cciss/c0d0 |||||||||||||||| 136.7GB | CCISS disk 0/0
/dev/cciss/c0d0p1 |||||||||||||| 601.6MB | Linux Native
/dev/cciss/c0d0p2 ||||||||||||||| 50.0GB | Linux LVM
/dev/cciss/c0d0p3 ||||||||||||||| 86.1GB | Novell Netware
/dev/cciss/c0d1 ||||||||||||||||| 36.7GB | CCISS disk 0/1
/dev/system1 |||||||||||||||||||| 49.9GB | LVM system1
/dev/system1/swap |||||||||||||||| 4.0GB | LV
/dev/system1/sys_lx ||||||||||||| 45.9GB | LV
/dev/evms/VOL1PL |||||||||||||||| 86.1GB | EVMS ||||||||||| /opt/novell/nss/mnt/.pools/VOL1PL
/dev/evms/cciss/c0d0p1 ||||||||| 603.0MB | EVMS ||||||||||| boot
/dev/evms/lvm/system1/swap ||||||| 4.0GB | EVMS ||||||||||| swap
/dev/evms/lvm/system1/sys_lx |||| 45.9GB | EVMS ||||||||||| /