Features I like:

Power management (--especially for Windows XP machines as you can't do this normally in AD with GPO).


ZLM integration at least for patching (remote control is problematic as it doesn't seem to co-exist nicely with VNC if you have OES2 or machines without a display graphics card, such as on Citrix XENserver).

Device reconciliation for registration

DAU scheduling has GOT to be fixed. This hard-coded 24 hour business is ridiculous. Especially if you're coming from a "standalone" ZPM setup.

Remote Control - security problems if you need to remote control a workstation when someone has not logged in (like the user is having problems logging in and you need to remote control the device to see what's going on). Right now there's NO user intervention required at all in order to do this which means that you can remote control any device without any user intervention which, for us, is a major security violation.

Password expiration - lack thereof in detecting expired passwords. Yes, I know it won't make it into this one but we really need this.

Slow performance compared to ZFD environment. Right now, no matter what I do, the login performance is atrocious. A typical GX-620 Dell Optiplex with Windows XP SP3, Novell 4.91 SP5 client and ZFD, ZAM, and ZPM takes approximately 5-10 seconds from the time you click OK at the Novell login screen until it will start rendering the Windows Desktop (and this is with GPO delivered via ZFD). Now install ZCM 10/11 agent and remove the ZAM, ZPM, and ZFD software. Login times go to about 45 seconds to almost 2-3 minutes in some cases before the desktop starts to render. Judging by the number of others with this issue on the ZCM 10.x forums, I'm not the only one with this problem.

Documentation - still atrocious. Lack of clear explanation for bundle scheduling, let alone bundle actions (distribute, install, launch are not clearly explained--ESPECIALLY if you come from a ZFD environment where you're used to Distr. and Run options and know the difference between the two). Also lack of documentation for things like "you don't need to increment the version # for certain things, or if you do, it's ignored".

Firefox problems - yes, I'm sure this is already aware of, but given that we have to update security patches within 30 days when they come out, it basically forces us to use nasty IE (pew pew).

ZCC poor performance. OMG, it takes incredibly long amounts of time to enter registry keys, etc. into a bundle compared to ZFD. And there doesn't seem to be an import feature (ie, I could upload the .reg file and then it would at least be liveable). It literally takes 10x longer to edit/adjust registry keys in ZCC than it did with consoleone in ZFD.