I have about 85 Windows 7 x64 running the latest Novell Client IR3. We have AutoAdminLogon enable using Control userpassword2, using a local admin code. In the Novell Client properties we still have Novell as the primary logon, so people are first presented with the Novell logon dialog on bootup. The Autoadmin logon logs on in the background seamlessly transparent to the end user.

Here lies the problem, we have AutoAdmin enabled on our master image, we sysprep this image, and then deploy it. When we test it, the AutoAdmin logon no longer works. If I manually remove the Novell Client, reboot the station the AutoAdmin logon works again. Why isn't the AutoAdmin Logon working after the machine is sysprep WITH the Novell Client installed?.

Is this a known issue and is there a fix or workaround. We need to sysprep our machines.