This is a really strange one. If I have on a workstation the following
setup and running I have lots of problems. The computer will just hang
when I try to access web sites (and sometimes if I just try to access
groupwise using the regular client). The machine sits at 0% utilization
but nothing works. Here's the specific list of software:

clntrust.exe (I've tried 3 or 4 versions and they all do it).
Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition 9.x (any edition of 9.x is bad, 8.x
works fine).
Client32 4.9 (4.8x works fine).

This is on WinXP machines with SP1. I can work fine with those installed
IF I have IE go direct instead of through border manager. It appears
that if border manager uses clntrust.exe on the workstation then things
go bad. When we have the problem we can't kill clntrust.exe. It starts
to use lots of memory and the only solution at that point is the hit the
power button.

Has anyone seen this before? I opened an incident with Symantec and they
have no idea and I think they just dropped it. It has been probably 8
months and nothing from them. Either we have to use older Symantec
AntiVirus or an older Netware client on all machines to make things work.

Sean Eckton
Horizon Bank