Hey All,

This one is a bit odd. I installed a new server with SLES 10SP3-64bit, ran all the updates from our SMT server. Then I installed OES2SP2 and when I run the customer center registration it does not pick up OES2SP2 and add the update source. I have this configured and working on many other servers so I know the SMT server is running and configured properly. The only thing that I did different is that I updated SLES 10SP3 up to the latest patches before installing OES2SP2. If I copy and paste the update source from another server running OES2SP2 is updates fine and I got up to the latest patches with OES, then I removed the sources and attempted to re-register the server and again it just registered channels for SLES updates and not OES.

Anyone know what exactly rug or ZMD looks for when registering channels?