We have Read180 installed and getting an error that they have in their FAQ but not sure what they mean for their fix:

Q: Why do I receive an "Unexpected Error" when attempting to launch Read 180 when the Novell ZfD Remote Management service is installed?
A: This error message can occur for Novell users that are running the service called Novell ZfD Remote Management which functions as a remote desktop application for Novell. This service provides an option to install a custom display driver called Novell ZENworks Remote Management Driver that conflicts with the Read 180 application.

To correct the "Unexpected Error" in this situation, please uninstall the Novell ZENworks Remote Management Driver. The Novell ZfD Remote Management service will still function properly as this driver is only optional and not necessary for the service to work properly.

I can't find any where in ZCM 10.3 to uninstall just that service, I tried disabling the remote management service and removed the driver in the device manager (disabled the driver) but nothing. Any ideas before we have to call them?