I have a possibly unique situation that I was wondering if it was possible
to set-up a BM 3.8 server to access the Internet thru a Corporate FW/Proxy
server? Essentially the company is moving into a new location (due to a
merger of sorts) and the Corporate (Corp.) mandate is to connect all
satellite offices thru the Corp. WAN. And it's thru the Corp. WAN that we
are to access the Internet. We currently have BM 3.6 and want to update to
BM 3.8 on a Novell Cluster (Sweet!). The existing BM 3.6 server has a
direct connect to the Internet....but the new BM 3.8 server will not.

Also, the Corp. WAN proxy server uses the standard port 8080 for HTTP and
FTP Proxy. I'm don't know the brand of Proxy unfortunately.

Is this setup possible? If so, could you either let me know how to
accomplish this and/or point me to some online docs on how to acheive this.

Thanks a bunch!