I work in a school district and have been asked to create e-mail accounts
for each school's PTA. They want the user to have a GroupWise account,
but not a general eDir login account. I have tried two options, and
neither worked for webmail access with the POA configured for "High
Security" authenticating to LDAP.

The first method I tried was to create a regular eDir account with a GW
account. Then I deleted the eDir account, but kept the GW account. So
now it shows up in GW as a disassociated item (grey person instead of
red). I tried logging into webaccess, but it failed. I can go into the
GW account and change the password, but that didn't help.

The second method I tried was to create an external entity in GW. The
account created successfully, but I still can't login to webaccess. I
tried changing the GW password, and setting the password in the "Password
Restrictions" tab in C1. It still wouldn't login to webaccess.

Is there any way to create a GW account without an eDir account that is
usable with webaccess? And has the GW POA configured with "High
Security" authenticating via LDAP?


Timothy M. Musa
Community Consolidated School District 93
Carol Stream, IL