since 2-3 Month we had a problem with our DNS Server on an Novell 6.5 SP8 Cluster. We have two 3 Node Cluster in two differnet locations. Every Cluster have his own DNS/DHCP Server.
Since 2 or 3 month we have the issue, that the DNS hangs in both lacations. But not at the same time. For example, in the first location at 8:00am and in the second location at 9:00am. But not the same time every day. The naxt day DNS hangs 2 times in the first location and runs in the other location fine.
The next day DNS runs fine in both locations. And so on.
The Cluster runs since 1-3 Years in the location. No new installed Cluster.
We have no problem with the Cluster recources. it must be the DNS service. After shutdown DNSDHCP an a new start all will be ok an all will work fine. I foung no log file fpr DNS Errors. In the Logfile from DHCP are no errors.

Both Cluster have the same service packs.
I have no Idea, where i can look for errors, or how i can resolve the problem.
Could anybody help me.