I'm running into a fairly serious issues whilst trying to download large attachments from a Groupwise 8.0.2 server using SOAP.

Basically, the problem is as follows: at a client site, there's an inbox with an email that has an attached avi file of about 330mb. Our SOAP client tries to retrieve this file in chunks of 1mb in size (if you try to set the size of the chunks any larger, Groupwise will give you a 59922 error, as 1mb is apparently some sort of hard coded limit). So that attachment corresponds to roughly 330 AttachmentRequestMessage's and their responses, each with a 1mb payload.

When we run our client, the cpu utilization of the Groupwise server takes about a dozen seconds to climb to 100%, every single time we try. Since 100% cpu utilization renders all GW clients more or less inoperable (or at least extremely slow) this is a non-starter.

We changed our client to wait 2 secs. in between requesting each chunk of the attachment. This seemed to help initially, but by the time we had transferred 100mb of the file, cpu utilization climbed to 95% and stayed there until the file transfer was completed.

This is a little disconcerting. We're requesting a megabyte of data from an attachment every 2 seconds, and Groupwise seems to have all sorts of problems in trying to service these requests. As you can imagine, client performance isn't that great at 95% server utilization either. I suppose we could increase the pause to something like 5 seconds, but it seems ridiculous that such simple requests are generating this amount of load.

So my question is 2-fold:
1. can I increase the maximum size of an attachment part chunk? 1mb is not very much at all, seeing as our server is on the same gigabit lan segment as the GW server
2. why does cpu utilization shoot up to 95% while servicing what seem to be fairly simple requests, and how do I avoid this by some means other than increasing my pause time?

Thanks in advance,

PS I spent some time looking for the 59922 error code in the docs, but turned up nothing