If an IP address of a host is placed in either the "Specified host name" or "Specified path" of Non-Cache URL Pattern of Cacheable Object Control with "Do not cache or split replies" selected, will it not be cached? Basically can you control caching by IP address or must it be a host name?

The problem being experienced is we have a web-based catalog search system called iBistro created by SIRSI. Our users use a URL pattern based off the IP address of the server to access this web-based catalog search. Quite often when accessing the catalog search page results in a "The page cannot be displayed" error. This error also occurs during different points of catalog searches. The web server is a Windows 2000 server running Apache. I have been unsuccessful in creating a DNS or URL forwarding/redirect entry for this web server because the URL pattern being used has a user_id and password built into it so that no authentication is required to the portal. It's messy to say the least.

The proxy server(s) in use are NetWare 6.5 w/sp2 and BM 3.8. Different patches and SP's of BM or NW 6.5 do not change the results any.

Just hoping someone has some suggestions or perhaps uses this same or similar system setup that has come up with a work around.

-Ted T.